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Client FAQ

Prospective Clients FAQ

Q: What type of students are available through The InternSource?
A: We customize our recruitment to reach high school, undergraduate or graduate students most desirable for the client. We recruit students enrolled in a variety of academic programs.
Q: How does The InternSource know what type of students are needed?
A: Before recruitment begins, the client completes a recruitment request that specifies the type of student preferred, including academic studies and related experience. The InternSource staff works closely with each client to tailor the recruitment to meet the needs of the position.
Q: Diversity is a key issue with my organization. How can you help?
A: The InternSource encourages and supports diversity through student recruitment. Candidates are asked to complete an applicant flow data information form when applying. If your organization is looking to create diversity we have suggestions to help.
Q: What type of jobs can a student perform?
A: All job opportunities should be designed to enhance the student’s academic studies. Students can perform a variety of jobs including, but not limited to: program management, engineering, database management, administrative support, web design, computer programming, human resources assistance, mechanical engineering, environmental management, and so on. The job duties are directly related to the needs of the client.
Q: How long does it take to find and place a student?
A: After receiving a completed recruitment request, our staff distributes the job announcement within 24 hours, which includes posting it to our web site ( Clients will typically receive resumes within one to two weeks.
Q: How is a student selected from the applicant pool?
A: Depending on the terms of a contract, The InternSource will collect, screen and forward resumes and applications to the client. In most cases, the client will directly receive resumes/applications from the candidates. The client does the interviewing since he or she will be working directly with the student.
Q: How long may a student work?
A: The InternSource is designed to provide temporary, part-time employment for both the student and the client. Students work an average of 20 hours a week while in school and 40 hours a week during summer and holiday breaks. In addition, under current law, any student employed under a State contract can only work 194 days in the 365 days following their initial date of employment. After the anniversary date has passed, students are then allowed to work another 194 days.
The typical duration of employment for student interns ranges from six to twelve months. Students can work longer or shorter depending on the need of the client.
Q: Who sets the student’s pay rate?
A: The client sets the pay rate and The InternSource charges the agreed upon indirect fee based on the set pay rate. The client also initiates any pay changes for active students.
Q: What is the cost to the client?
A: We charge the employer for direct and indirect costs. Direct costs will be calculated on the basis of identifiable, service-related expenditures for student internships calculated on an hourly basis. The direct costs include 15% - 20% of the total direct costs.
Q: How do I start using The InternSource?
A:If you are interested in joining our team by contracting with The InternSource, please submit the Contract Form or call at (916) 418-5100. We can work quickly to set up a contract in just a couple of days.